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We carry Engine Cleaners, Truck Washes and Degreasers. See Detergents and Chemicals.

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Hubing's Pressure Washers & Steam Cleaners

Check with Hubing's Pressure Washers & Steam Cleaners for professional grade supplies for Farm, Industrial or Commercial use. With many items in stock, Hubing's will help you get the right equipment and supplies for the job that needs to be done.

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Karcher Classic pressure washer TVT senior model Karcher TPE Series
Karcher Classic Karcher TPG Karcher TVT
Senior Series
Karcher TPE

Karcher 801 gas diesel skid Karcher LP Nat Gas Shark
Karcher 801 Exhaust-
Free, All-Electric
Karcher Gas/
Diesel Outdoor Skids
Natural-LPG Gas Shark

Shark Power Jet Power Jet PJP  
Power Jet PJG Power Jet PJP  

Hubing's also services the following equipment lines:

Aaladin equipment Alkota equipment AMC model equipment Delco model equipment Easy Kleen 4000 Hotsy brand
Aaladin Alkota AMC Delco Easy-Kleen 4000 Hotsy
Hydro-Tek equipment Landa equipment MI T M Corporation equipment Northstar equipment Shark equipment Tuff brand equipment
Hydro-Tek Landa MI-T-M Corporation Northstar Shark Tuff

If you need service on equipment, call Hubing's at 715-845-5517.